Monday, June 18, 2012

Wild Sprouts Girls Swimwear - How Do I Know If She's a Long Torso?

I create the wildsprouts suits in two different size categories.....  regular torso and long torso.

The swimsuits are available in random and unique prints and colors.  I cut a range of sizes from each piece of cloth....from size 4 through size 12, mixing long torso cuts with regular torso cuts.

Long torso girls are surprisingly common and I don't know of another swimsuit manufacturer that is offering a one piece designed for them.  If your daughter fits better in the slim sizes of jeans, if even as a toddler she outgrows the length of her pants before she fills out the waistband, if all dresses seem to fit her as tunic tops, if her one piece swimsuits seem to always leave her a tan line that resembles a thong - she's probably a long torso girl! 

Let's make sure our daughters avoid the body shaming track - right from the start!  It's not her body that's wrong.  It's the lack of available clothing to fit her unique shape and style!  The shame should be on on the mass manufacturers and their photoshopped marketing images!

My long torso granddaughters who inspired the line. 

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