Thursday, April 12, 2012

Details about Wild Sprouts Swimsuits

All Wildsprouts swimsuits are of top quality nylon spandex (lycra) and sewn on industrial equipment, one at a time, in my small workshop.  The fronts of the swimsuits are fully lined.  The arms, legs and neck openings are finished with 3/4" swimwear elastic.

My swimsuits are designed to decrease the chance of leg openings creeping up and exposing too much skin.  I strive to hit a middle ground of modesty where the important issues to be covered are covered, but the look is still fun and modern.

Many of my fabrics are repurposed factory end rolls.  These are new pieces of fabric that are too small to be used by the mega-manufacturers and might otherwise end up in our landfills.

All my swimsuits are 100% guaranteed.  I will refund your purchase price plus any shipping if you are unhappy with the quality of your swimsuit.  Please contact me immediately so we can make arrangements for the return.